Jackson County Fair Headliners Announced

FairgroundsJACKSON COUNTY, Ore.– A ticket to the Jackson County fair this summer will be cheaper, and there is plenty of shows and events to make it all worth while.

This year adult-priced tickets are $10. Children and seniors over the age of 74 are free. The Jackson County Fair is held at The Expo in Central Point from July 15 – 20, 2014.

Some of the biggest traditional attractions include the Jackson County Fair Junior Livestock Auction that showcases local 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors and their market animal projects, as well as photography, crafts and local produce.

This year’s concert line up may be something people can also get excited about.

Headliners at the Summer Music Festival are:

· Multi-Platinum Curb Records recording artist and 5-time GRAMMY award winner, Wynonna presented by Friends of the Fair Foundation.

· Rock Legends “The Guess Who” presented by Seven Feathers Resort and Casino.

· U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart topper, including eight No. 1 singles, Mark Chesnutt presented by Friends of the Fair Foundation.

The Summer Music Festival includes:

· Tuesday, July 15 the Showcase Stage hosts Ponderosa Breeze, Robbie De Costa Band, Bishop Mayfield Funk and Soul Revue, and Scott Perry. The Friends of the Fair Foundation present Multi-Platinum Curb Records recording artist and 5-time GRAMMY award winner, Wynonna on the Lithia Motors Stage.

· The New Country Stage will welcome Off the Wall and Jim Lesher and the Western Express.

· Wednesday July 16, the Summer Music Festival presents Brian Risling and Airtight Alibi, Rhythm Kings, The Rogue Suspects and Colonel Mustard on the Showcase stage.

· Thursday, July 17, Mark Chesnutt, presented by Friends of the Fair Foundation, headlines another great day of music and the Showcase Stage will have Blades of Grass, Brian Swan Band, Ben Rice and the Illamatics, and Sacred Road.

· The New Country Stage will welcome Jef Fretwell and The Detractors and Snake Bite.

· Friday, July 18 brings local legends Jason Johnston and Michael Boren in Brothers in Country, up and coming Lace and Lead, Nephilm, and Jeff Stanley on the showcase stage.

· The New Country Stage will Old Stage Road and the Roadsters will perform

· Saturday, July 19 Seven Feather Resort and Casino presents Rock Legends “The Guess Who” on the Lithia Motors Stage. The Rogue Valley’s own Jeff Kloetzelm, Danielle Kelly and Sweet Talk, Gretchen Owens, Mercy, and Oregon’s own County Star Amy Clawson return to the Showcase stage.

· Sunday, July 19, Beau and Donna, Allison and Victor and the Seaons round out the Showcase stage for the Fair.

Get your discounted Fair admission tickets on-line or at Sherm’s Food-4-Less. All tickets will go on-sale the week of June 2.



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  1. BillyBob Sowbreath says:

    I thought last year’s fair turn-out was fantastic? Or at least that’s what you hear them say every single year? So tell us… if it was so fantastic and profitable, then WHY are they lowering prices? Wasn’t there a story not too long ago about how much DEBT the fair/expo is in?

    I drive by the expo every day. I saw just how “fantastic” the 2013 fair turned out. It was a JOKE.
    I didn’t see nearly as many cars and people as you’d expect at a fair. Even on the weekends.
    They are lowering prices because people are fed-up with the high prices.
    I’m guessing the average family would have to drop at least $200 for a night at the fair.
    Don’t get me wrong… I love the fair just as much as anyone else and don’t mind spending a little extra for once-per-year fair goodies (like the food…yum!)…. but the prices kept going up and up to a point that my family just couldn’t go.
    Then let’s not forget that someone up the JC-fair food chain decided that in addition to the parking fees and fair admission, it would be a great idea to charge EXTRA for the entertainment. What pure genius this was (NOT). How’d that work out for you? Oh that’s right… you lowered prices.

    Hmmmmm? Maybe… just maybe that’s part of the reasons why the parking lots were empty?

    My family has’t gone to the fair in YEARS… and this year will be no different.
    As usual… the entertainment line-up is pathetic. They are either semi-retired entertainers, or someone you’ve never heard of this side of the continent. On rare occasions they’d bring in good NON-COUNTRY entertainment.

    PUT A FORK IN THE JC FAIR! They are well done IMO!

    Oh and quote from article: “Children and seniors over the age of 74 are free”.
    Uhmm… 74 yo children? Maybe this is figured from Obama’s common-core math since he considers your 26 yo son or daughter a “child”… ROFL !


  2. Bunny Snow says:

    The last time I went to the fair was about 10 years ago, and it cost me over a hundred dollars for myself, a friend, and her two kids to get in, share some curly fries and 2 soft drinks, and take her little ones on one turn each on the baby rides. I am glad to see them reduce the price, but the only interest I ever had in the fair was the music attraction, and I am darn sure not going to pay the extra money to see someone I have never heard of. Where do they dig these people up from? And who’s brilliant idea was it to make the music cost extra? With the sketchy employment picture in the rogue valley, you would think the managers at the fair would get a clue that most of us are doing good to keep up with our house payment. Any extra money we have to spend is very minimal and well thought out. We just don’t have money to spend freely like we used to. I doubt I will ever go to another fair. It just costs too much and nothing for us to do now that the music attraction is extra money, and not someone we have ever heard of.

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