Jackson County Election Numbers

MEDFORD, Ore. — An effort to build new pools and aquatic facilities in Medford is failing with 56% of voters saying “No”. It was an effort to construct new pools at Hawthorne Park and Jackson Park, totaling up to $14.5 million dollars.

Voters in Shady Cove are once again saying “No” to funding a water system. As of now, results show that 66% of voters do not want the city to issue bonds worth $23 million for the municipal water system.

Voters in south Jackson County are not giving a funding boost to fire protection efforts. Fire District 5 had asked for up to $1.8 million for the purchase of fire trucks and equipment for the Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland stations; 52% of voters say No.

The unincorporated area known as White City, will not become a city. The residents of the area between Medford and Eagle Point rejected the idea, with 77% saying No and only 23% wanting to become a city.

The race between the current mayor of Ashland and a former city mayor can be called. John Stromberg will remain mayor of Ashland for another four years. Alan DeBoer conceded the win to Stromberg. Stromberg received 59% of the vote.; 35% support Alan DeBoer and “Biome” Michael Erickson earned 6% of the vote.

In Jackson County, a tight commissioner race stayed tight until the very end. Doug Breidenthal had a slim victory over Jeff Scroggin in the race for Jackson County Comissioner; Breidenthal won 48% to 46%.