Jackson County District 9 Budget Plans

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EAGLE POINT, Ore.–  Jackson County District 9 is making final preparations for next year’s budget.

While they are keeping a close eye on enrollment, they are also taking on some new initiatives to bring some kids back into the district.

Last year, the district says there were about 400 kids in the area who were enrolled in other schools. Overall enrollment has dropped in the district by about 160 students since 2012. Now, administrators are being proactive in order to keep numbers up.

The district says the biggest changes will be full-day kindergarten, and their plan to hire several new teachers for the upcoming year.

“We want the very best teachers in classrooms with kids. We’ve been very actively and aggressively going out to job fairs,
and trying to make sure we are attracting great teachers because that’s the single most important investment we make in
our kids,” said Superintendent Cynda Rickert.

Rickert also says that now that the state is offering more funds for education they will be using that to their advantage.