Jackson County Discussing Dispensary Law

MarijuanaMEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Commissioners are preparing for the medical marijuana dispensaries law to take effect next year.

The commissioners met this morning to become more familiar with the law. Commissioner Doug Breidenthal says the law is vague, causing a few challenges with implementation in our area.

Today commissioners were trying to figure out how they are to interpret some of the language in the law concerning land use. Breidenthal says a dispensary can go on what’s called commercial, industrial, mixed use or agricultural land.

So commissioners were trying to define what exactly is considered “agricultural land” in Jackson County. Breidenthal also says the law puts no limit to the amount of marijuana stored in the dispensary.

“I would hate to think that the corporate side of this could take over and we could stack warehouse upon warehouse and fill it with marijuana and just think of the liability for break in or theft,” said Jackson County Commissioner Breidenthal.

The law goes into effect March 1st, 2014.


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  1. Dean says:

    My job takes me to a lot of grow sites and I can tell you for sure that most growers are from other states. Either renting or buying land for the sole purpose of manufacturing. Most of these people are not the type you want in your community. Some are even Mexican cartels. They grow here and export to other states. With limited law enforcement funding we are headed for trouble. I understand the benefits of marijuana but drug dealers don’t care about medical use and they don’t stick to one drug either. This “vague” new law makes it even worse. We are just selling our beautiful home out . I guess we can all get high and worry about it later.

  2. Mel says:

    The commissioners fail to understand the process involved here. The law does not contain limits on how much marijuana may be in a given dispensary location because those limits will be decided upon during the ‘rulemaking’ process which will run from now through March 2014. Despite fear mongering claims about the destruction possible from this law, the facts are simple. Marijuana is here in Jackson County. It is the biggest cash crop in Oregon. Jackson County Commissioners would be far better engaged in deciding how best to cash in on this new bounty. Why would county commissioners turn up their noses at a potential windfall of income, just because it smells like weed? People, pot is here. Its medical benefits are beyond question anymore. Its recreational value far exceeds the safety and sociability of alcohol. Let’s quit bellyaching about the loss of timber and embrace the sustainable and financially viable cannabis crops that this region can and does produce so well. We are proud of our vineyards and breweries, let’s add cannabis cultivation to that mix…and watch the revenue pour in.

  3. Tim says:

    Mel it’s people like you that make us look bad, Look how much money we can make, that’s not what it’s about brother. GREED

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