Jackson Co.’s New Mountain Rescue Plans

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MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — Search and rescue teams are providing an extra tool to anyone who gets lost on Mount Ashland.

A new plan is being formed to speed up the time it takes to save someone’s life. Jackson County Search and Rescue says it wants to improve its own response time and give survival tools to people who are lost. One of the biggest additions is an emergency shelter located near the east fork of Ashland Creek.

Search and Rescue teams say people who become lost while skiing or snowshoeing on the mountain sometimes reach that fork and the service road nearby. Inside the shelter is food, water, blankets, sleeping bags and waterproof tarps, designed to help keep people safe until they are located by rescue teams.

Search and Rescue crews are also planning to occasionally patrol that service road with snow cats in order to keep it plowed. They say by regularly removing downed trees and other obstacles, it will allow them to respond more quickly during an actual search and rescue effort.

Jackson County Search and Rescue says it’s already had two rescue efforts in the Mt. Ashland area so far this year, and they say in both cases, the people were found safely.