Jackson Co. Jail Remodel in Early Stage

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Forced releases may not happen as often because the Jackson County Jail is adding more beds. More than 50 new inmate beds in the building’s basement, and a new recreation yard for the inmates. The remodeling project just started.

Construction crews just left for the end of the day. They just finished the demolition stage of the project knocking out all that was underneath the building in the basement. It’s still in the early stages in fact they’re finishing up underground rough plumbing this week.

The dark empty space under the jail will be home to 6 four-person cells, one cell housing 24 people and then 6 isolation rooms, totaling 62 beds in the basement. Before the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department moved to the current Highway 62 location, all of the administration, detectives and records were in the now demolished basement. The space was small and unsafe in case of an emergency.

Jackson County officials say this project will make the basement area more “earthquake savvy”, as well as fix some prior sewage flooding issues. Construction crews say they’re within a few days of being on schedule so that means the basement will be finished by the end of June 2013.