Jackson Co. Form Agricultural Task Force

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County Commissioners are tapping into some of the area’s most experienced ranchers, farmers, foresters and soils experts to form a blue-ribbon panel to be an agricultural task force.

The task force is required as part of the recently approved regional problem solving plan, that lays out development goals for the next half century. The county commissioners are hoping to get recommendations on how to deal with irrigation and loss of crop lands when cities seeks to expand urban growth boundaries.

“I think it’s important that with this task force it be limited in its duration. Given that we probably will have an urban growth boundary coming, I think within the next year,” stated the Development Services Director, Kelly Madding.

The board has not yet set a deadline for getting the committee’s recommendations, but they hope to have the panel in place within the next week. There is a concern an urban growth boundary proposal could be delayed if mitigation plans are not in place first.