Jackson Co. Animal Shelter Trains Dogs

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Jackson County Animal Shelter is currently overloaded with dogs. The shelter usually keeps 15 to 20, but now the population is 20 to 25. To increase adoption potential, the Jackson County Animal Shelter is giving potential pet-owners some help.

Jackson County Animal Care volunteers are working with shelter dogs to learn a few tricks. It’s easy for the dogs to get excited when a visitor stops by, which often leads to jumping and barking, but jumping and barking won’t get them anywhere, especially into a new family’s home.

The shelter wants the dogs to be the best behaved they can, so potential adopters will consider them. One of the training exercises the staff implements is calling the “nothing exercise”, training the dog to relax. Volunteers sit with the dog at their feet and wait until it settles.

“The only time you reward the dog is when he finally gets so bored that he lies down. the minute he lies down you go over and you pat him you pat him,” explained volunteer Brandy Carson.

The training starts right away, as soon as the dogs are brought into the shelter. The longer the dog is in the shelter the more tricks he or she will likely know, but most every dog up for adoption can sit and stay for a treat. To find out how you can help and perhaps adopt a trained dog of your own, click here.