Jack Bell: Amateur Athlete of the Week

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Klamath Union’s Jack Bell is a football player.

“Last year was kind of my first breakthrough year with football where I really became comfortable with it and played really well,” said Bell.

Well enough to earn him first team all-conference on defense as a cornerback and first team all-conference on offense as a wide receiver.

“He was pretty instrumental in getting us to the position of taking the title to the point where people were over-guarding him and leaving other people open,” said head coach Tom Smith.

Jack Bell is not just a football player. Three times named to the Skyline Conference first team last year in football, basketball and baseball. No matter what the sport, helping the team is Jack’s ultimate focus ,which has allowed the senior to earn the respect of his teammates.

“Jack Bell will get out there and kids will say, ‘OK. We’ll do what you say.’ He’s a leader. What he says goes,” said Smith.

You’d think that three sports is enough for any high school athlete to balance. However, as you’ve probably figured out, Jack Bell is no ordinary high school athlete.

Um, I’m starting to play a lot of golf lately, which I’ve come to love just as much as any of the sports, though.”