Isolated Storms Still Possible Tuesday

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An area of low pressure, located to just to our south, created another round of storms Monday afternoon.  Early on, most of the activity was contained to northern California as storms tracked towards the west northwest through Siskiyou County.  We also saw a few isolated thunderstorms east of the Cascades.  However, as the evening progressed, storms rolled through Jackson and Josephine Counties dumping locally heavy rainfall and bringing frequent lightning to the area.

For Tuesday, activity will be contained mainly to northern California, but stray storms are still in the forecast for the Klamath Basin.  The area of low pressure that has been in place over the past few days will push out towards the south and southeast, allowing a ridge of high pressure to build in its place.

As high pressure takes control, expect several days in a row with sunny skies and seasonal temperatures.  That is, sunshine in locations that aren’t seeing smoke from nearby fires.  The direction of the winds a bit higher in the atmosphere is a large determining factor for where the smoke is directed, and over the next few days, it looks like it’s going to remain, for the most part, in northern California and extreme southern Oregon.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna