Isolated Showers then More Sun

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A second cold front will move through the area tonight which will bring isolated snow showers to the area with snow levels down to 1,500 to 2,000 feet. Showers will be light which means accumulations will be little to none for west side valleys and travel impacts will be minimal. However, with moisture still on the roads and sidewalks and temperatures tonight below freezing we will see slick conditions again tomorrow morning. This cold front will act to mix up the atmosphere which will improve air quality and clear out the fog and low clouds the valley locations have been stuck in. Some patchy freezing fog will be present Thursday morning but most of the day across the area most of the day will be sunny and cool!

Friday another front will move through but is a warmer system with snow levels closer to 6,000 feet which could bring a few inches of snow to the higher elevations with most of the rain and snow falling at the coast, coast range and Cascades and lighter totals on either side of the Cascades. This system will not bring the rain we need to avoid the driest year possibly on record. After this storm moves through high pressure will return which will bring valley fog back to the area. Depending how quickly that fog forms and how thick it is will determine the amount of warming we can do next week.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry

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