Isolated Showers for the Weekend

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A low pressure system moving onshore near Eureka, CA Friday morning is setting up a southerly flow and will allow for isolated showers to continue through the area for the weekend. Rain will be the biggest factor with this system. However, only small amounts of precipitation are expected as showers will remain light and short-lived. Another wave of precipitation is set to move in Saturday evening ahead of another frontal system. This will skim our area to the North and only the Cascades and Basin will see the best chance for precipitation. Northern California will likely not get any precipitation, and will only see clouds associated with this system. The heaviest amounts of rain will fall Saturday evening and then fizzle out overnight. This is the last chance for precipitation this week.

Sunday around midday will see a decreasing in cloud coverage and high pressure building back into our area. This will allow for sunny skies and warmer temperatures. The lack of cloud coverage allows for the solar radiation to hit the ground directly and thus, the surface temperatures warm up faster. Highs this week are expected to be anywhere from 10-15 degrees above average. A high of 80 degrees is expected in the valley on Thursday. The entire week will see a continuation of this warming pattern. clouds will not enter the are until the weekend. Another round of precipitation is expected to move in early next week.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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