iPhone App Leads Officers to Burglar

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Police responded to an early morning burglary this past Friday. When waking up, the victims noticed the sliding glass door that had been left open the previous night was then closed.

Among the missing items was an iPhone, an iPad and a laptop totaling roughly $1,600. When officers arrived at the home, the home owners used an app called “Find My iPhone” in hopes of locating the cell phone. This tech-savvy attempt led officers right to the suspect, who was found sleeping in a vehicle in a Medford parking lot.

Upon searching the vehicle, police found all of the missing property in the trunk. The 41-year old man was identified as Gregory Gross. Gross is facing charges for both Robbery & Theft.

Authorities would like to remind residents to secure doors and windows at night. If an individual would like to leave a window or door open, make sure there is a locking mechanism in place to ensure a burglar cannot enter.

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