Investigators Take Down Drug Operation

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ASHLAND, Ore. — An Ashland man is accused of cooking up a hallucinogenic drug that’s new to Oregon. Investigators say that man was making it at the home of an elderly woman who had no idea about the lab.

The Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Agency served a search warrant on the 500 block of Faith Avenue and arrested 48 year-old Travis Thompson.

A neighbor says Thompson was living in a small room outside of an elderly woman’s home.  MADGE says the woman had no idea Thompson was involved with drugs. Investigators say he was making dimethyltryptamine or DMT. They say it’s a hallucinogen more powerful than LSD.

“It can be snorted or absorbed transparently like LSD as well as sprinkled on marijuana and smoked,” explained MADGE commander, Lt. Brett Johnson.

Johnson says there’s about three known cases of DMT in Oregon. The other known incidents were in the Willamette Valley area and Douglas County.

“I think most of the plants that it can be derived from, come from South America.  So, you need pseudoephedrine to make meth, you need this bark to process it to DMT,” said Lt. Johnson.

MADGE is relieved to find and cut Thompson’s operation short.  The lab site is located within a thousand feet of Siskiyou School.

“We’re talking about those  chemicals in that type of  heat source? The potential for fires are  really, really strong,” said Lt. Johnson.

MADGE says during the search warrant, Thompson tried to fight back. He is facing an additional charge of resisting arrest.