Investigation into Animal Killings

Police-Lights-22-250x169KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath¬†County Animal Control office is releasing information regarding several animals that have been found dead with their skin removed and left in areas where local residents have walking access.

The Animal Control office said there’s an on-going investigation into the killing and mutilation of these animals. The areas where the animals have been found are both in city and county suburban areas. Officers are currently following several leads in an attempt to find the identity of the individual(s) responsible.

There’s an indication that it has been reported on Facebook that there could be possible gang affiliation, which has not been ruled out at this time, but the Animal Control office and police are examining other possibilities as well.

It is important for the local residence to understand, do not become over alarmed, and in constant fear of the loss of your pets. The incidents that have transpired have occurred between June 2013 and February 2014. The indicators of these events also give evidence of occurring under cover of darkness.  Also none of the animals currently in evidence have been reported lost or stolen, according to the Klamath County Animal Control Office.

If anyone has information that will assist the Klamath County Animal Control in this investigation, please contact us at our office, 4250 Washburn Way or call (541)882-1279.