Escaped Intruder Caught

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A man who was found hiding in a Medford home was able to slip free of his handcuffs and lead police on a manhunt.

Medford Police said a couple had returned home from work around 6:30 p.m., and saw a suspicious bicycle parked in their driveway in the 300 block of Mary Street. The couple searched through the house and found Nathan Charles Wallace hiding in a closet.

A neighbor, Robert Goecker, heard the commotion, grabbed his gun, and ran over in time to see Wallace trying to escape through a window. Goecker tackled Wallace, then held him down until police arrived. Neither Goecker or the homeowners were hurt during the incident.

Police officers took Wallace to nearby Providence Medford Medical Center for treatment, but Wallace somehow got free of his handcuffs and escaped. Officers from Medford Police, Oregon State Police, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office searched for Wallace in the area along Crater Lake Avenue and Woodrow Lane.

Wallace was captured just before 12:30 Thursday morning after police raised their perimeter. An anonymous tip aided the police in locating Wallace who was allegedly attempting to break into a car. He now faces multiple charges for burglary, escape in the third degree and resisting arrest.


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  1. neighbor ... says:

    Some details were stretched & twisted, so here are a few clarifications …
    Goecker didn’t tackle Wallace on the front lawn. He was subdued, by both Goecker & his neighbor, inside their home. After putting up quite a struggle & trying to escape, Wallace was choked-out (instead of being shot!), then held on the floor until police arrived.
    Wallace needs to realize he made a near deadly mistake breaking in to this house. If he should ever decide to do this again, he may not leave alive!
    Both neighbors were true heros tonight!

    1. Lucy Meiss says:

      Although this is scary for the homeowners, hopefully it’s an eye opener for our community. Neighbors have to look out for and protect one another. Criminals need to know that the community will not allow them to thrive here.I am not suggesting that people go out and become vigilanties but I am suggesting that people should be aware of their surroundings and be ready to defend their homes and families. Most think this has to do with drugs or our declining economy, I however feel that there will be criminals with or without drugs and the same goes for whether or not the economy is failing. This was near where I live and all I can say is this guy lucked out, Apparently someone was looking out for him. If he had broken into my home he would not have left seeking medical treatment. I will protect my home and my family at any cost. I applaud these citizens of our community. I believe it really sends a message to those who have ill intent. Bravo!

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