Interstate 5 Work Postponed Due to Rain

PHOENIX, Ore. — The rainy weather forecast for this week has postponed work on Interstate 5 until further notice north of Phoenix which would have channeled traffic into a single lane.

In a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation, Project Manager Tim Fletcher said, “You cannot stripe when the weather is wet, it’s unfortunate to have such a dry spring, and then have rain in the forecast for the week we’re trying to get our traffic control in place.”

Hamilton Construction officials informed ODOT of their decision this morning. Project officials will monitor the forecast and give notice prior to beginning the single lane closures so excavation can begin on installing a four-foot diameter pipe across both lanes of I-5, according to the press release from ODOT. Once the lane closures are set Hamilton will have 25 days to complete the work.

An average of nearly 38,000 vehicles a day travel that section of I-5 between Medford and Phoenix, about 7,000 fewer than travel between the two Medford interchanges.

The pipe installation work is part of the $72 million Fern Valley Interchange construction project which runs through September 2016.