Insured Waiting for an Extension

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — People whose health plans were cancelled or changed because of the Affordable Care Act still do not know whether they will keep their plans, despite assurances made by the President last week.

The Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans to meet certain minimum standards, but that means insurance plans that do not meet those care requirements have to change. That’s resulted in some people receiving letters saying they’ll need to re-sign for higher coverage at higher prices.

After receiving backlash for this development, President Obama said last week he wants people who are on those old plans to be able to keep them for another year. On Monday, Oregon set a deadline, saying insurance carriers need to notify members by November 29th whether they will extend their non-compliant plans.

Lynnae McCoy of Central Point said she received notice in August that her plan would be changing, and that she would likely have to pay more. She says it’s just extra coverage she doesn’t need.

“Honestly, I rolled my eyes,”  said McCoy. “I have this plan that I’m happy with, that I can afford, and it’s working for me, and I have to get a new plan that I possibly can’t afford, and other tax payers have to subsidize me? That didn’t make sense to me.”

What’s also complicating the whole situation are the continued technical problems with the healthcare.gov and Cover Oregon websites. The government has said that people whose plans do not meet the minimum requirements can often find better coverage and prices on the health exchange, but the Cover Oregon site still has not been able to sign up anyone. McCoy said with all the problems on the site, she hasn’t even bothered to look.