Insurance Expansion For Firefighters

By Rob Scott

8,000 temporary firefighters and their families will now get access to federal health insurance.

Officials say the seasonal firefighters are key players in putting out wildfires throughout the state and the access to insurance could help them out with side affects of fighting fires. A temporary firefighting crew in South Dakota started a petition to gain support for allowing them access to federal health insurance.

The petition had more than 125,000 signatures. Temporary firefighters weren’t covered by federal health insurance because of a rule that stated seasonal employees couldn’t buy into federal insurance plans.

Temporary and seasonal workers in Oregon include everyone from college students to Native American crews. There are more than ten thousand temporary fire fighting crews in Oregon, including the local veteran crew that just returned from their first assignment in Utah.

President Obama says the nation has been inspired by the heroism by firefighters this summer. The president went on to say that the firefighters can count on the care and protection they need.