Insurance Costs Rise Under ACA

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — People in Southern Oregon have begun receiving letters saying the cost of their insurance plans will go up because of the Affordable Care Act. In some cases the out of pocket cost is jumping hundreds of dollars per month.

People NewsWatch12 spoke to on Wednesday said they were surprised to find out that their existing insurance plan will be changed as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

One woman in Grants Pass said her monthly payments are increasing by $200. She said a letter from her insurance carrier said there will be changes to conform insurance plants to the new health care laws. Her cheapest plan available is still $460 per month. She said she’s still exploring her options to bring that cost down.

“I was kind of excited at first that everybody was going to be getting insurance, but obviously now, it’s painful,” said Jane Fish, whose insurance rates are going up.

Those current plans do not meet minimum standards laid out in the affordable care act. Independent insurance agents say individual carriers are raising prices because the plans will have more coverage compared to existing plans.

The catch is, many people have not been able to compare their plans with better prices, because of continued issued with the HealthCare.gov and Cover Oregon websites.