Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A new business in Medford is using new technology to help people lose weight by sitting and watching TV, but it’s where you sit that’s important.

The owners of Cure Infrared Sauna Studio say you can burn up to 600 calories in one 40 minute session. They say the infrared saunas are different than the “wet saunas” you find at a gym or spa.

Wet saunas warm the room up to 180 degrees, but with this new technology, infrared light heats the body’s core to about 100 degrees, leaving the room itself at 110 to 150 degrees.

“Infrared raises your metabolism, gets your heart pumping, and so it gives you, it raises your cardiovascular output and so NASA found that useful for their astronauts when they were in space for long periods of time,” said the sauna owner, Matthew Eykelbosch.

The owners say the 40 minute sessions can also help with chronic pain, circulation, and skin conditions. The first session is free; after that, it costs 35 dollars.

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