Increased Patrols for the 4th of July

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore.– The Fourth of July holiday falls on a Friday this year, and that means celebrations may go later into the night.  This is something the Central Point Police Department is preparing for.

On the afternoon of July 4, the streets of downtown Central Point will be filled with people attending the Freedom Festival.  People are already marking off their spots along the street for the parade, but along with people lining the streets, do not be surprised if there are police deputies in the crowd as well.

Police are boosting their patrols.  Officers will be out on the streets on bikes, on foot, and in police cruisers starting before the parade and continuing into the night.

Independence day is expected to be a busy day since it is falling on a Friday, and officers said they expecting a rowdier crowd than normal.

“As a department we have an obligation to the citizens to help maintain safety and security for the city, and that’s what people expect, and that is the service we want to provide,” said Lt. Jared Pomeroy, with the Central Point Police Department.

Over the holiday police do see an increase in calls.   Most of those have to do with noise complaints, traffic complaints and parking violations.  Police said anytime you have hundreds of people in one place — complaints and problems do escalate.  To help keep everyone safe, police do say if you see something, say something, do not wait to report an issue — do it immediately so police can address the problem.