Increase In Housing Starts

MEDFORD, Ore. – More people are building houses across the nation, according to the new numbers the Nation’s Commerce Department released on Thursday.

Beginning home construction surged in September to its highest level in four years; numbers jumped 15%. Nationally, building permits also exceeded the median forecast.

According to Medford’s city builder, that trend rings true locally as well. Over the last three years, the city issued on average about 9 house permits per month. That’s way down from what it was back in 2005 it they were issuing about 50 a month.

“But in the three months since then, it’s gone from an average on 9 house permits per month up to an average of 16 houses per month, so we’ve seen a bit of an uptick in the numbers,” said Chris Reising, with Medford Building Safety.

Home interest mortgage, cost of land and construction are all down. City officials say these three factors create an environment conducive to building a house.