Inaugural Higs Gym Ninja Challenge

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – It’s no easy task, but on Saturday a number of local athletes, or “ninjas”,  reached the end of the Higs Gym obstacle course.  It’s the inaugural Higs Gym Ninja Challenge. 80 competitors trekked through the course  climbing monkey bars, zip lining over pools of water and running up a 14-foot warped wall. It was a great debut for the Southern Oregon event, and there’s every intention to keep the course running.

“It’s totally family-oriented,” competitor Justin Earp said. “It’s a pretty good thing that Higs Gym put together. It’s awesome, and more and more people are going to come every year if they keep doing this. I guarantee it because there’s nothing like this out here.”
“I’d like this to be the first of many,” Higs Gym owner Byron Higinbotham said. “I’d like this to be on people’s calendars. This is something to train for, to look forward to, and we’ll keep making it bigger and better.”

Peter Hulce won the men’s elite division finishing the course in 1:58. His 11 year-old sister, Holly Hulce, won the youth elite in 2:13. Tia Stratton took the women’s elite level finishing the course in 3:48.