In the Garden: Tee-Pee Trellis

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Medford, Ore. — Planting beans doesn’t only have to be about function, it can be about fun.  You can create a tee-pee trellis so the plants will grow, creating a tee-pee even the kids can enjoy.

You can use PVC pipe, tree branches, tree branches, wooden dowels or bamboo to make a trellis.  OSU Master Gardeners say it’s important to buy climbing or pole beans.

There are four easy steps to follow:

1. Choose and prepare your garden spot

2. Erect your tee-pee, using twine between poles for runners’ support. Make sure you leave a doorway!
3. Plant beans 2″ to 4″ apart. Use liquid fertilizer when plants are 6″ tall, and again when plant begins to flower and fruit.
4. Harvest and enjoy!

For more details, watch this ‘In the Garden’ segment.

You can also contact the OSU Master Gardener near you.

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