In the Garden: Preventing Earwigs

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Medford, Ore. – They may be one of the creepiest invaders of your garden – earwigs.  That’s why OSU Master Gardeners are offering some simple tips to get rid of them.

Earwigs are somewhat beneficial insects because they love to eat aphids as a primary food source.  However, they are omnivores and also eat tender plant buds.

One method to get rid of them involves an empty container, soy sauce and vegetable oil.  All you need to do is punch holes near the top of the container.  Fill it with equal parts soy sauce and vegetable oil, and put a lid on it.  When you put it out in the garden, earwigs will follow the smell of the soy sauce and drown in the mixture.

Another method is as simple as using a page from a newspaper.  Just roll the page from top to bottom, twist in the center and place it at a base of plant being infested.  The next morning, throw it out and place a new newspaper down. OSU Master Gardeners said you should see a significant decrease in the earwig population.

To see how to make these methods a reality, watch this ‘In the Garden’ segment.

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