In the Garden: Potatoes and Onions

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MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s the first week of April, which is the perfect time to start planting your cold crops.

Potatoes and onions can be planted in a small garden bed, OSU Master Gardeners say just to be sure it’s deep enough for a hole about eight inches deep.

“This is the only time you can buy seed potatoes. You don’t want to use potatoes from the grocery store because they spray them so they won’t sprout,” said OSU Master Gardener, Teresa Reavis.

For more information watch our ‘In the Garden’ segment or call the OSU Master Gardener near you.

Jackson County:

Bob Reynolds, Horticulture Instructor – (541) 776-7371

Josephine County:

Karen Pleasant, Master Gardener Coordinator – (541) 476-6613

Klamath County:

Keely Moxley, Master Gardener Coordinator – (541) 883-7131

Coos County:

Cindy Peterson, Master Gardener Coordinator – (541) 572-5263

Douglas County:

Stephen Renquist, Extension Horticulture Faculty – (541) 672-4461