In the Garden: Method to Grow Squash

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Medford, Ore. — Even with little water from mother nature you can still grow larger plants.  You can create an irrigation system to water your squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and melons.

All you need is clay pots, seeds, small rocks and a drip irrigation system or an empty milk jug.

First, prepare a dirt mound about 6” tall by 2′ diameter.  Then you should dig a hole the size of your planter in the center of your mound.  Place the planter in the middle and fill it with rocks.

The next step is to plant six different seeds in the mound, around the planter.

Finally, place your drip tip over the planter every other day.

OSU Master Gardener Julie Engleson said the clay planter acts like a French drain, encouraging the roots of your plants to grow right where the water is being delivered, minimizing water usage and discouraging weed growth.