In-Custody Death Investigation Closed

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. – A mother calling 911 back in June hopes to save her son before his health deteriorates, but while in custody, her son Scott Chappell died and now the district attorney says the investigation has been concluded.

It was one of three in-custody deaths reported this year. Police responded to Chappell’s home in Eagle Point, and report a struggle while trying to get him into custody.

Back on June 12th police responded to Scott Chappell’s home on Little Butte Drive. Now, months later, the district attorney announces that the investigation into what became an in-custody death has now been concluded. The home now adorned with Halloween decorations is a bit quieter than it was on June 12th.

Scott Chappell became erratic and his mother called 911. Family members say police officers were too rough with Chappell when trying to get him into custody and that the police-activated taser caused his death. Witnesses told the district attorney what they saw when police struggled with Chappell that day.

“There really wasn’t anything there that would have explained why he then died,” said District Attorney Beth Heckert, “So that’s why we have to wait on toxicology results and the autopsy results and everything.”

By “everything”, Heckert means the police reports, interviews from the people present, and the crime lab reports on Chappell’s blood and urine. Heckert also considered the cause of death reported by the medical examiner. Dr. Olson found a baggie of methamphetamine in Chappell’s stomach contents.

“We’re not going to present this case to a grand jury, there are no criminal charges; we believe officers acted appropriately,” Heckert stated.

Chappell’s mother said her attorney prefers she not comment about this story. However, she did tell NewsWatch12 that she plans to move forward with a lawsuit against all the involved responders who came to her home back on June 12th.

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    Well what eles would they say that the cops did nothing. it’s cops investigating cops duuuuuhhh do you really think they would have found it anyother way.

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