Impact of Medford Dispensary Ban

dispensary picMEDFORD, Ore. — Last week the Medford City Council enacted a ban on dispensaries, which could cause an impact to ones currently trying to open.

Medford Police routinely check if any business is in compliance with local laws. No matter what type of business, they can be cited $150 per day if they are open without a business license. Because marijuana is illegal under federal law, potential dispensaries will not be granted a business license by the city, despite state laws allowing them.

Police said if a dispensary is brought to their attention, they will look into it.

“There’s times when people call and say ‘hey this business is up to no good,’” said Medford Police Deputy Chief Brett Johnson. “We’ll certainly have a code enforcement officer check that out as well.”

Some facilities were in the process of applying to open a dispensary when the ban went into effect. Patients Helping Patients held a grand opening in early March to announce it applied for a dispensary license. A sign on their building identifies it as a dispensary, and they have a menu of marijuana strains and prices online.

But despite those facts, their attorney now claims it is not a dispensary. He says he will test the city’s ban in court.