Ideas to Save Libraries Proposed

7-17 rob web libraryMEDFORD, Ore. — This morning more than fifty people turned out for a public hearing with the Jackson county commissioners and each speaker shared ideas on how to fund the county’s fifteen libraries.

Input was taken for more than an hour and although not everyone had the same ideas for how to fund the library, one thing was clear, everyone in the room did not want to see them close.

Ideas ranged from other cuts to a grocery tax to fundraiser including selling pumpkins this fall. Library Advisory Chairman Bruce McGregor said the best option may be a temporary levy while library districts can be set up in the county.

“Districts will take a long time to organize. it requires two different elections, one to get permission to form the district, another one to actually do it. we need some short-term funding and that’s probably where the levy comes in,” said McGregor.

No official decision was made and both the community and county officials will continue to explore potential options.