Icon Enters Electric Motorcycle Market

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MEDFORD, Ore. — When the world got its first look at Harley-Davidson’s new Livewire Project this week, some employees didn’t even know about it.

“We come into work this morning and even the guys were saying ‘how come we didn’t know about it?'” said Larry Mejia, operations manager at D & S Harley-Davidson.

Mejia has been riding motorcycles for years and said, at first glance, many things stood out.

“It’s got kind of a tough, street look to it. The fact that with electric power, you’ve got power right there at the twist of a grip,” said Mejia.

Electric motorcycles may be new to Harley, but not to Southern Oregon. Brammo has been making electric bikes for more than half a decade, and despite an iconic name entering their market, founder and C.E.O. Craig Bramscher said it’s a great move.

“We were pretty excited to see a major O.E.M. come into market, because it validates what we’ve  been doing for the last five or six years,” said Bramscher.

Bramscher said Harley will bring interest and visibility not just to motorcycles, but green energy.

“Because I have kids, my vision of the future is always through their eyes, or maybe their kid’s eyes and imagining my kids’ kids saying ‘you know they used to put gas in these things!'” said Bramscher.

Harley-Davidson is known for the sound of their motorcycles, and Mejia said there is a sound generated with the Livewire. It might be new, but Mejia knows the motorcycle icon is cruising in the right direction.

“Harley doesn’t make a move unless they know that’s the right direction to go in,” said Mejia.

Harley-Davidson’s Livewire will now go on tour. Only four cities have been selected so far with none on the west coast, but more dates are expected to be added both in the United States and overseas.