Hyatt Lake Impacted By Budget Cuts

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HYATT LAKE, Ore. — The federal sequestration is having an impact on a popular Southern Oregon recreation area.

Hyatt Lake boat ramps and campsites will stay closed an extra month. Bureau of Land Management officials say typically Hyatt Lake is opened in the middle of April to match the beginning of fishing season, but this year due to budget cuts, there will be at least a one month delay.

The Hyatt Lake campgrounds, boat docks and facilities will remain closed because the BLM cannot hire the necessary seasonal workers to plow the roads and prepare the docks and campgrounds.

At this time, there are no other BLM managed areas impacted by the sequestration, however officials say they are still working out the details for the full extent of the budget cuts.

“We still have a lot of uncertainty going on right now and it all depends on how many seasonals we can get hired and how we can figure out how to apply the monies that we do have,” said Jim Whittington with the Bureau of Land Management.

Once Hyatt Lake’s facilities open, there may still be some lingering budget impacts, like limited trail maintenance and trash collection. BLM officials say the Hyatt Lake decision was made as a result of effects from the sequestration earlier this year. BLM fire fighting resources, however were not impacted as a result of the budget cuts.