Hurricane Sandy Affects Medford Fliers

MEDFORD, Ore. — As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, thousands of flights have been canceled nationwide, leaving passengers scrambling to make alternative travel plans. Though local flights are all on schedule, there are concerns about connecting flights.

In the Rogue Valley, the Medford Airport reports no delays to any of the direct flights to West Coast destinations; however, for the 50 to 60 passengers who connect to the East Coast everyday, officials recommend planning ahead so they aren’t left stranded waiting for the storm to pass.

On an average day, about 16 passangers fly to New York, 10 to Boston and 10 to D.C. To watch live feeds of ABC News national coverage of the approaching storm, click here.

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  1. Jan says:

    Yep. I was booked from Medfrod through JFK to Accra, Ghana on Weds, but called on Sunday, when the impact became clear, and rebooked for Thursday. Hopefully, flights will be moving by then.

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