Hunters Pay Fines for Lack of Reporting

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MEDFORD, Ore. — 34,000 Oregon hunters will pay a $25 fine when they sign up for their 2014 hunting permit.

The Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife implemented the penalty after a lack of hunters reported deer and elk hunts.

Anyone who did not report their hunts for the 2012 year is facing that penalty. ODFW says they started the mandatory deer and elk reporting back in 2007, but it failed so then they started offering incentives.

“We tried incentive programs. We entered folks into drawings to see if we could get them to report with a chance to get a sports pack…still didn’t work, so with the permission of the Oregon Hunters Association we got permission to charge a fee,” explained Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife rep Mark Vargas.

With the $25 penalty in place, 82% of hunters have reported their deer and elk kills. ODFW says they will use the money received from the penalties towards the ODFW general license fund used for salaries, fees, and Fish and Wildlife programs.


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  1. IraxyJane says:

    Once again, we get the blame the government stance from some of these hunters. Accept responsibility and pay your fine. You knew you had to report and you didn’t. So man up and pay your fine or stay home.

  2. John Thiebes says:

    As a hunter, it is my responsibility to give the biologists the information necessary to manage the herds. And provide the information before the next season is set.

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