Hunter Mauled By Bear Outside Trail

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OUTSIDE TRAIL, Ore. – In the woods outside of Trail, two hunters thought they stumbled across a big kill, but the black bear ended up being a big pain. Two young men were deer hunting out in the Elk Creek area outside of Trail. The hunters spotted a bear, but before they could claim the tag, one of the men was mauled by the animal.

Calls for help Thursday afternoon brought out fire fighters, troopers and Lt. Pat Rowland, who head up a forest road alone, looking for old Alex Machavo. He took one look at the 22-year-old and new he had to get him some help. That’s when he heard Machavo’s story, one that spread quickly to wildlife officials.

The black bear stumbled off. Tracking it for nearly a mile, the men approached the bear thinking it was dead, and that’s when it fought back. Eventually, the bear was shot in the head, but not before causing some serious injuries to Machavo and leaving everyone involved with a story that’s a little unbelievable.

As of Thursday, Muchavo was still being treated in the ER. ODFW says an incident very similar to this happened a few years ago in Douglas County.