Hundreds Cheer for Monster Trucks

Hundreds Cheer on Monster TrucksCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — All the excitement, noise and power of the monster truck comes to Southern Oregon.

The Monster X Tours put on two shows in Central Point at the Jackson County Expo on Saturday. The Central Point-based tour travels all over, even to other continents for races.

It visits countries like Russia and Poland to put on the show.

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  1. Gary Blank says:

    Assault, Cop on small female woman. Expo park Truck show.
    For no good reason, female possee cop at Monster truck, tonight, Sat.3/8/14, Grabbed my 4 yr old grandaughter by the hoodie, yanked her back. Her mother was pushed repeatedly by this Carol cop. I got in the face of possee She hurt my daughters back. Nobody was doing anything wrong. My daughter was standing there as told to. No alcohol involved. Other people were passing so my daughter went, and got pushed and was told to go, go. This Carol cop knew she messed up. I called for her supervisor. I full report was made. Perhaps a class C misdemeanor? Medical expenses. This gal overstepped her bounds and wanted to apologize except my daughter wanted to file a full report. It will be interesting to see a copy of the report.

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