Hundreds Against Skate Park Removal

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Grants Pass Skate Park could soon be home to the new water treatment plant, but many community members are against the idea of the new plant at the park.

More than a thousand people have expressed their views on a Facebook page called “Save Grants Pass Skate Park.” Skate boarders say there’s not many places where people can skate. They’re banned from the sidewalks.

“I think  they just need more things to do in this town. Drugs are big thing happening in this world today, and if kids don’t have  anything to do, then where else  are they going to turn?  So, this is pretty  much one of the only places  kids have to be creative and be themselves,” explained Grants Pass resident Jacob Trujillo.

Public Works officials say the current water treatment plant is over 80 years old. They say the maintenance costs to upkeep the building is costing the city more every year.

In addition to the skate park, officials are also looking at four other locations to build the new plant within a half-mile radius of the current water treatment plant. A final decision on a location won’t be made till next year.


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  1. Matt says:

    You failed to mention in your reporting that if they do choose the skate park site the will build a new one in a different location.

    1. Chris says:

      ^You have failed to read that they “will consider” building a new park. And that the time in between a removal and reconstruction of a skatepark will expose youth to risks without healthy outlets. Also, the city will be building a water treatment plant, I doubt the construction of a new park will begin before the end of the new treatment plant project. Who knows how long that could take!

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