Human Trafficker Arrested

DENNELL SMITHHuman Trafficker Arrested

MEDFORD, Ore. — A California man is in the Jackson County Jail for trafficking women. 23-year-old Dennell Smith was arrested at a home in Medford on Monday.

Back in September, a woman contacted police saying her friend was being held against her will at a motel. Detectives believed the woman at the motel was a prostitute, but she did not come forward about her trafficker till a few weeks later.

During the investigation, another victim came forward. Smith was prostituting women from California to Oregon. For women who want to get out, there are few resources available.

“Being able to say, ‘okay we’re going to put you in a safe house…’ We don’t have that ability. We don’t have a safe house. So, a lot of it is left up to them to find a safe place where they feel safe,” explained Detective Jim Williams.

For many women who are exploited, they end up going back into prostitution.


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  1. Susan says:

    Good job, officers and administration! Now, we need to go after the LOCAL people that paid for these women to abuse them! We need to cut the local demand so there is no need for them to supply women or children to them. It is up to us to tend our own yard and stop the process of human trafficking. Arrest the locals and make them register as sex offenders, so they won’t repeat their crimes. May they never abuse another person again. And I hope this pimp gets pimped out in O.S.P. daily so he may know fully what he did to the others who were innocent.

  2. Citizen A says:

    Pimp is too soft of a word…Human Trafficker is precise. Get on the offensive and start posting pictures of “johns” in the news after arrests. It tends to cut down on the crime.

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