Huddleston Trial Day 5

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Rogue Valley man accused of murdering his wife takes the stand in his own defense during his trial on Tuesday.

Borne Huddleston wanted to testify so his side of the story could be heard.  He says the state’s side of the story is systematic, and he wants people to know the real truth.

While on the stand Tuesday afternoon, Huddleston stuck to his story stating his wife, Kristy Huddleston, committed suicide.  He says he did not know what to do when he found his wife dead.  He said he panicked and left for his girlfriend’s house.  In court, he repeatedly called himself a “coward” for leaving his 10-year-old son at home alone and not calling 911.

During the cross examination process, Deputy District Attorney, David Hoppe, called into question the fact that Huddleston had changed his story multiple times since being arrested.

The trial is continuing throughout the day on Tuesday.  Closing arguments are expected to start before the end of the day.