Huddleston Trial Begins

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A trial for a decorated war veteran who is being accused of hiring someone to kill his wife, and then killing her himself is now underway.

Bourne Huddleston is being accused of killing his wife Kristy Huddleston back in March 2012.  Opening statements and testimonies began on Wednesday.  Several witnesses took to the stand.

For the first time, the 911 dispatch call was released. Kristy’s son Ethan, who was 10-years-old at the time of the murder, called it in.  The court room heard the boy describe the bloody scene where his mother was left for dead.   He said she was still breathing when he found her.  Left with no other choice, he scrambled to find his mother’s phone and dialed 911.  He said on that fateful day, he woke up and saw his step-father leaving the house. This prompted him to go in his parents’ bedroom and check on his mother, and when he did he said he found his mom face down on the bed, covered up with the blankets, and blood everywhere.

He called 911 for help.  His mother was still breathing when he found her, but he knew it was too late.  “She’s already dead…  I know she’s dead… I’ve seen that look,” said Ethan during the 911 call.

Ethan followed instructions from the dispatcher and attempted to give his mother CPR until law enforcement and emergency crews arrived.

Ethan is now in the custody of his grandmother.  Bourne Huddleston is facing several charges ranging from attempted murder to solicitation to commit murder.