Huddleston Murder Trial Continues

HUDDLESTON TRIALMEDFORD, Ore. — The trial for a Rogue Valley man accused of murdering his wife continued Thursday. Bourne Huddleston is accused of murdering his wife, but only after attempting to hire someone else to do it.

In court on Thursday, a witness testified that Huddleston had a conversation with him about killing his wife. The witness said Huddleston used an alias, and the witness did not know Huddleston’s real name until after he was arrested.

Investigators from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were also called to the stand to talk about the murder investigation.

Pictures from the crime scene were shown in court, including photos of what detectives identified as a home-made gun silencer. A detective on the stand also said he noticed a pillow case taken from the crime scene had a small hole through it.