Huddleston Interrogation Video Released

huddleston court mondayMEDFORD, Ore. – Bourne Huddleston repeatedly changed his story to investigators on the night he was arrested for the murder of his wife Kristy, according to a recording of his interrogation.

The two-hour interrogation was shown in its entirety during Huddleston’s murder trial Monday. It was the final piece of evidence presented by prosecutors before the state rested its case.

That interrogation took place around 5:30 a.m. on March 23, 2012, just hours after Huddleston was arrested. Huddleston initially told investigators he did not know what happened to his wife, and that he had been back and forth between his home in Medford and his girlfriend’s home in Eagle Point that night. After investigators pressed him for details, Huddleston told them he had returned home late that night, and that Kristy had been upset about him visiting another woman. Huddleston told police Kristy shot herself in the head.

During the questioning, Huddleston told investigators he was afraid that he would be blamed for Kristy’s death, and tried to cover it up by cleaning Kristy’s hands, wiping off and disassembling the gun, and hiding the firearm near his girlfriend’s home.

In the video, the investigators could be heard telling Huddleston they did not think his story added up, saying he had no criminal record and had no reason to fear police. They told Huddleston that they believed he was involved in the death. They cited his actions after Kristy’s death as evidence that he knew what he was doing. Huddleston admitted during the interrogation to leaving his son alone in the home with Kristy’s body after her death.

The defense began its case Monday by calling Huddleston’s daughter Serena to the stand. She testified that she had seen Kristy previously fire handguns using either hand.