Huddleston Guilty on All Counts

HuddlestonMEDFORD, Ore. — A Jackson County Jury says a Medford man is guilty on all counts.  Sentencing will be Thursday morning.

Jury deliberations lasted more than seven hours before the verdict was handed down. Huddleston was found guilty of 10 counts, including murder, and solicitation to commit murder, for his efforts to hire two men to kill his wife.

Bourne Huddleston took the stand just yesterday in his own defense, saying his wife, Kristy Huddleston, killed herself in March 2012 because she was upset over a relationship Bourne was in with another woman.

Bourne claims he worried someone would blame him for Kristy’s death, so he tried to clean up the scene and got rid of the gun. He called himself a coward for leaving his son alone in the house with Kristy’s body.

The state medical examiner said the fatal wound was the result of a homicide, and prosecutor David Hoppe challenged Huddleston’s version of the events. He pointed out that Huddleston has changed his story repeatedly during the investigation, and that he initially told police he didn’t know what happened.