HR Consultant Discusses Teachers Strike

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford Education Association and the school district will meet Saturday mornig to continue negotiating teacher contracts. When the two sides do finally come to an agreement, human resource experts say the impacts could be lasting.

They say the tension during the strike could continue inside the workplace, even after it’s all over, and they say this could mean impacts for an entire community.

Jeanette Trumm is a human resources consultant in Medford. She talks with NewsWatch12 to explain just what this could mean for the future of Medford and whether it is something they can overcome.

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  1. Charlie says:

    “Support Teachers”

    What should be much more important is to “Support Our Children”.
    The Medford teachers have modeled the behavior of… if we do not get our “DEMANDS” met we will not play. (A great example for our children.)
    We will take our ball and go home. Childish to say the least, but much more selfish.
    At one time teachers were honored and respected for the service they provided to our children. Now for a few dollars they will just throw them to the curb and walk away.
    How many of our children’s lives will be adversely affected by these teachers’ decisions.
    The athletic son or daughter will not play their sport. Any hopes of a scholarship may be lost.
    The academic daughter or son, who needs to make grades, so they might earn a scholarship for college, may not happen.
    How many of our children will suffer for the want of a few dollars more.
    How about the borderline student, will they have any incentive to continue or just drop out altogether.
    How about the student that is trying hard struggling to pass their courses, depending on the help of a teacher? Good luck!
    How about the Senior whose final term in public schools/high school, who had hoped for the best, now has this poor experience to keep for the rest of their lives. They do not get a “do over”.
    Their Senior experience is lost.
    Why?…For a few dollars more.
    Should teachers be paid more? Some probably have earned it, others probably have not.
    So should every teacher get more money, more benefits, more PURS, more time off…NO!
    Shame on Medford teachers for abandoning our children for a few dollars more or for not having the guts to stand up to their union bosses.

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