How Long to Flood a Community?


“How many day sof rain would it take to cause a community to flood?”
Rocky Anderson

Flooding can occur any time of the year and can take hours to days to flood a community. In November of 2012 an RV community in Brookings flood due to the Chetco River overflowing after receiving ten inches of rain in 24-hours. People were reporting hip dip water at the floodings highest. Flooding is the leading cause of deaths compared to all other types of severe weather and is the reason for 3/4 of Presidential Disaster Declarations. Storm surge (flooding of the ocean) is the most damaging and deadly aspect of hurricanes.

It only takes two feet of water to carry most cars away, so remember that if you see flooding on the roadways, turn around, don’t drown. You can find out more information about flooding and flood safety here.