How do you Forecast a Week Ahead?

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“How do you predict the weather forecast that is a week ahead?”
Alex Lopez
Eagle Point Middle School

Forecasting the weather is like deciding what you’re going to wear in the morning. You look outside or step outside to feel what it’s like. You start with current conditions, and that’s what we look at…temperature, wind, visibility, clouds, rain, etc. Then we look at weather models that use current conditions from weather balloons released twice a day worldwide. Weather models take this data and forecast what they “think” is going to happen with pressure, winds, precipitation, temperatures, etc. There are several types of weather models and we look at all of them and determine what WE think will happen. I strongly believe that anything past 3 days is MAGIC! So if you see on the extended forecast a storm arriving in 7 days, gives us, and the weather models, a few more days to pin-point the details, timing, storm threats and totals.