House Total Loss After Fire


MEDFORD, Ore. — A house fire broke out around midnight last night at a home along dark hallow road in Medford.

Medford Fire and Rescue crews say the home was vacant at the time of the fire, and no one was injured.   Fire crews say the house was completely engulfed in flames by the time they arrived on scene.

The fire completely destroyed the abandon house leaving behind significant damage.  Today fire crews continued to work, extinguishing hot spots and investigating the cause of the fire.

They said it’s possible it could have been started by a transient warming fire.

“This time of year people are looking for shelter and sometimes they will start a fire, a cooking or heating fire just to make things more comfortable for them, said Medford Fire Marshal Greg Kleinberg.

The Jackson County Sheriff Deparatment evicted transients from the residence two weeks ago.  Medford Fire and Rescue is still looking into the cause of the fire.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Medford Fire and Rescue.