House Fire in Rogue River

rr fire 2ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Just before sunrise on Friday, a neighborhood in Rogue River woke to a fire burning through the roof of a home.

The house fire was reported in Rogue River on the 100 block of Evans Creek Road across from Walnut Drive.

Firefighters from Rogue River District, Grants Pass City Fire, and Rural Metro Fire Department got the flames out quickly.

Rogue River Fire District says the fire was contained to the area mostly around the chimney flue. They also say these types of fires are not “unexpected” this time of year.

“When the cold season hits, people tend to burn their wood stoves more often, more wood stove use can result in more flue fires and similar issues, same thing with other heating apparatus,” explained Rogue River Fire District Captain Nicco Holt.

One man was inside the house during the fire, but he got out safely. There was about 45 minutes of stopped traffic on Evans Creek Road.