Hotel Donates to Local Pet Organization


MEDFORD, Ore. — A local organization which aims to help homeless dogs and their owners got a big donation, thanks to a hotel’s re-model. The Comfort Inn in Medfrod donated bedding from 52 rooms to Tail Waggers Rescue. The donation is so large, the organization’s founder, who works out of her car, has only made a couple trips to hand out the blankets to those who need to stay warm.

Tail Waggers Rescue founder Maria Modica said she couldn’t believe it when she saw just how much was being donated.

“It was a hotel room full, floor to ceiling, wall to wall including the bathroom, the shower was filled with blankets and comforters,” said Maria Modica.

Tail Waggers Rescue helps homeless pets from Grants Pass to Ashland and assists in a variety of ways ranging from supplying dog food to cover vet expenses.


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  1. Anna Lise says:

    Many thanks to Comfort Inn for helping those in need with your generous donation! Extra-special thanks to Maria Modica for all her time and efforts with helping animals in need who are unable to help themselves! It’s folks such as yourselves who give me hope in humanity. We need to see more actions of love exemplified by this, instead of all the violence that is occurring.

    1. Maria Modica says:

      Anna Lise, What the N. Medord location of Comfort Inn did was so mind blowng and so very helpful. I remember when we got our first snow this Winter I had been driving around with very little luck trying to gather blankets for the animals and the dogs. So this is so wonderful. I am able to help so many homeless now even if they don’t have a dog/cat.

      I agree…more people need to be kinder to others. Homelessness can happen to any one of us at any given time. If it ever happens to me, I would hope their is an organization out there like mine who will help keep me with my dogs and help my dogs to eat good food.

      What I love about our rescue is that we feed high quality dog food. We feed Evanger’s. It is a top rated food, they hand pick their meats too. No by-products, preservatives, corn, wheat or soy. Never a food recall and the dogs just love it. I feed it to my personal dogs as well. I also hand out Rogz gear and Tough 1 water proof blankets. I/ we literally treat these animals like my very own. Many get microchipped.

      We have already had 45 dogs spayed/neutered with more on the list. We have had over 60 vetted for other medical reasons such as: Salmon poisoning, hit by a motorcycle, seizures, digestive disorder, poison oak reactions, cut eyes. We also pay for vaccines, heart worm tests/meds, flea meds (Front line). Considering I do all the physical work myself, driving, feeding, fundraising etc…we are kicking butt in S. Oregon helping these animals and their owners.


  2. Patty says:

    CONGRATS Maria on this donation!! The Comfort Inn in Medford did a great thing for the Community. Good work!

    1. Maria Modica says:

      Thank you Patty. They certainly did. The donation came about from one of their employee’s who I met on Facebook. She had everything to do with us getting the donation. I just never expected it to be everything. So many people are warmer now and will be as I hand out the blankets/comforters and pillows…and sheets…amazing, truly amazing…


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